Monday, February 12, 2018

Purepop Set Sale February 2018


I have a set sale of  128 singles now open for one week only

112 Top Glam singles including some big rarities and 16 choice Heavy Psych/Garage/Bonehead/Proto Punk rarities

You can either request the list by emailing me: purepop1ukATyahooDOTcoDOTuk,  by messaging me on Facebook or by leaving a comment.

The lists has several close up photos and sound clips sometimes directly from the records themselves of from YoutTube for reference

I will be updating the  list here as soon and often as possible, those in red mean they are SOLD

Part 1: Junkshop Glam, 70s Pop and oddities

A Raincoat               It Came in The Night/Morocco -EMI Demo (UK)   SOLD
Abacus                      Indian Dancer/Be That Way - York Demo (UK)
Andy Bown             New York Satyricon Zany /Party Games GM Records (UK)  SOLD
Angel                        Good Time Fanny/Who D'ya Think Your Fooling -Cube (UK)  SOLD
Angel                     Little Boy Blue/Tragedy Queen-  Cube (GER) SOLD
Arlan Green        Promo EP-Moonbrite/I Do/ Rock Hotel/The Next Time White label -Bell (UK)
Arrows                  I Love Rock 'n Roll/Broken Down Heart -RAK (UK) SOLD
Ayshea                Farewell//The Best Years of My Life -Harvest (UK)  SOLD
Barry Green          Papa Do/Boomerang - Decca (UK)
Bearded Lady         Rock Star/Country Lady -Young Blood Demo (UK)  SOLD
Big Wheel               Shake-A-Tail Part 1/Part 2 Bell Demo (UK)  SOLD
Bilbo Baggins          Saturday Night/Monday Morning Blues - Polydor  (UK)  SOLD
Boston Boppers        Did You Get What You Wanted /Whirwind Girl -Penny Farthing (SP) (SOLD)
Brett Smiley              Va Va Va Voom/Space Age -Anchor Demo (UK)
Brother Susan         See My Fingers Fly/Full Blooded Natural Man- EMI  (UK) SOLD
Buster                        Motor Machine/Ring Around -Bradleys (UK)
Buster                        Superstar/Rainbows & Colours -Bradleys (UK)
Buzz                            Jubilee Rock/The Digger on Mars Crystal Demo (UK) SOLD
Chris Hodge (The Sunshine Kid)      My Linda/ Same - RCA (US Promo)
Chunky                    Albatross Baby/Road Runner Girl -Orange (UK)
Cobraa                  Ride A Pony / The End Of A Day -EMI German pic sleeve
Crunch                   Let's Do It Again/Not Tonight Josephine- Young Blood SOLD
Daddy Maxfield      Rave N' Rock/Smilin' Again -Pye (UK)  SOLD
Dancer                    Hate Generator /Love Seeds-Dawn (UK)  SOLD
Duck Deluxe     Coast To Coast/Bring Back That Packard Car -RCA (UK)  SOLD
Dust                     Rebound/Pieces -20th Century (UK) SOLD
Equals                Diversion/Here Today, Gone Tomorrow-President (UK) SOLD
Fogg                  Dancin' To The Music/Scrapbook - WB (UK)  SOLD
Giorgio               Son of My Father/I'm Free Now -Parlophone Demo (UK) 
Go Go Thunder          The Race/Mrs Mann -RCA  (UK)  SOLD
Granny                  Lady/Weirdie Deirdre’s Dilema DJM Demo (UK) SOLD
Hamlett                    Where'd The Day Go/ Vampire Man -Pye (UK)
Harpo      My Teenage Queen/I Don't Know Why -EMI (Ger)  SOLD
Hector           Wired Up Ain't Got Time DJM Demo (UK)
Hector         Bye Bye Bad Days/Lady - DJM (Portugal) SOLD
Hello            C'Mon/The Wench -Bell (Belgium pic sleeve)  SOLD
Helter Skelter       I Need You/Goodbye Baby -Sticky (UK) SOLD
Hobnail                   She's Just a Friend of Mine/Boy Scout Jambouree -Bell  SOLD
Hot Rod         I Want You (All Night Long)/Love is all Right (Hey) President (UK) SOLD
James Hogg           Lovely Lady Rock/ Happy Sad - Regal Zonophone Demo (UK)  SOLD
Jet                My River/Quandary -CBS (UK)
Jets                  Yeah!/Rusty Corinthian Pillar -Cube (UK)
Jook              King Capp/Rumble -RCA Demo (UK) SOLD
Jook            OO OO Rudi/Jook's on You/ -RCA  (UK)  SOLD
Jook          Alright With Me/Do What You Can -RCA (UK)  SOLD
Jook            Shame/City and Suburban Blues -RCA (UK)  SOLD
Jook                   Bish Bash Bosh/Crazy Kids-RCA (UK)  SOLD
Matchbox           Don't Shut Me Out/Rod- RAK (UK) SOLD
Mike Berry              Hard Times/Bougaloo Dues-Scramble  (NL)  SOLD
Milk n' Cookies           Little Lost and Innocent/Just Friends Island (NL) VG+ SOLD
Milk n' Cookies            Little Lost and Innocent/Just Friends Island (NL) EX SOLD
Muff                                Sexy Sexy Lady/Burnin' -Bell  Demo (UK)
Mustard                   Good Time Comin/I Saw I heard - EMI Demo (UK) SOLD
Ning                            Machine/ More Ning - Decca (German Pic Sleeve)  SOLD
Oliver Day                Crazy Love/ Let The Music - Bus Stop (UK)      
Panther                         One Man Band/Evelyne - Polydor  (NL) SOLD
Primitive Man                Animal Love/Major Barmy From the Army -Decca (German  sleeve) 
Ransome Head        Sing/Wide Wide River -York Demo (UK)
Rats                Turtle Dove/Oxford Donna- Good Ear Pic sleeve (UK) SOLD
Redhead                           We Ran and We Ran/ Looking For You - UK Demo (UK) SOLD
Renegade        My Revolution/ A Little Rock N Roll - Dawn (UK) SOLD
Rescue Co. No. 1              I Want to Save You/Amanda -Jam (UK)
Ricky Wilde            Teenwave/Round and Round -UK (UK)  SOLD
Rock Rebellion           Let's Go/So Sorry Baby Santa Posa Demo (UK)  SOLD
Ronno           4th Hour of My Sleep/Powers of Darkness -Vertigo (Norway
Screemer      Interplanetary Twist/ Billy - Bell (UK)
Sensation                   Black Eyed Woman/Baby -Sirocco (Fra)  SOLD
Sensation              Black Eyed Woman/Baby -Sticky (UK) SOLD
Shakane                 Love Machine/ Mr Jackson    Negram (NL)   SOLD
Shelby                    Motorbike Girl/Cirrus -Route (UK)  SOLD
Shelby                 (Dance With The) Guitar Man/ Jump into The Fire -Santa  SOLD
Simon Turner       She Was Just A Young Girl/I'll Take Your Hand -UK (UK) SOLD
Simon Turner         The Prettiest Star/Love Around-UK (UK)
Sisters          Kick Your Boots Off/Driving Me Home -Bell Demo  (UK) SOLD
Sisters            There's a Raver Coming Home/Help The Music -WB (German pic sleeve)
Sisters       There's a Raver Coming Home/Help The Music -WB Demo  (UK)
Skid         I Saw Her Standing There/Endless Sleep -Hansa (German Pic sleeve)  SOLD
Slack Alice        Put Me on The Railroad/Gravelstone Cottage- Philips (Spanish pic sleeve)
Slade       Australian EP  Get Down and Get With/Look Wot You Dun/Coz I Luv You/Take Me Bak 'Ome
Slow Dog             Walking Through The Blue Grass  -Parlophone Demo (UK)      SOLD 
Small Wonder                  Ordinary Boy/Ride a Black Sheep-Dawn Demo (UK)  SOLD
Smiffy                See You Later (Little Baby Love)/How Can You Be a Millionaire -Antic  (UK)
Soho Jets      Hi-Heel Tarzan/Night Flight -Polydor (UK)
 Sparky        (Do You Remember That) Summertime Woman -UK (UK)
Spode               Cincinatti Woman/Singalong Song-Decca  Demo (UK)
Starbuck             Do You Like Boys/ You Never Wanna Rock n' Roll -Bradleys (UK)  SOLD
Sting                        Thief of Baghdad/Stay, Goodbye EMI (Ger)
Streak            3 Track Promo EP -Gonna Have a Good Time/Be Your Ryder/ Hard Times (In New York City) A&M AME 602 (UK) Hear a full sound clip of all 3 songs in their entirety (Hard Times is the last song) SOLD
Streak          Bang Bang Bullet/Black Jack Man -Deram (German pic sleeve) SOLD
Streak                 Bang Bang Bullet/Black Jack Man -Deram (UK) SOLD
Streakers             Turn Me Down/Wake Up To The Sunshine - Dawn (UK)  SOLD
Stud Leather                Cut Loose/Emma Louise -Dart Demo (UK)
Stumpy            Make Me a Superman/ Keep It Coming- Dawn Demo (UK)  SOLD
Tag                 Off Down The Road/Guitar Love -Philips (UK)
Tiger                  I Am an Animal/ Stop That Machine- UA (UK) SOLD
Tracey Dean           Moonshiner/Boy on The Ball - Decca Demo (UK)
Trevor White                Crazy Kids/Movin' In The Right Direction -Island (UK) SOLD
Troll Brothers               You Turn Me On/Turn Out The Light -SRT (UK)
Union Express             Do You Love Me/Alligator Fix-Decca  Demo (UK)
Villain                   Photograph/ You Should Know Me By Now -Bell (UK) SOLD
Vulcan                  Much Too Young/Action Man -Epic Demo (UK)  SOLD
Warwick              Let's Get The Party Going/How Does it Feel-RAK  Demo (UK)  SOLD
Washington Flyers      Another Saturday Morning/The Comets are Coming -Dawn (UK)
Whistle                  The Party Must Be over/Hideaway - York Demo  (UK)
Winston                 I Won't Let Anna Go/Brother Jim -York Demo (UK)  SOLD
Yellow Bird             Attack Attack/ Right On - Magnet (UK)  SOLD
Zips                 Bye Bye Love/ Evil Hearted Woman-RAK Demo  (UK)

Zoo                     Walking/Love Love -Jupiter (Ger) 

Heavy Psych, Bonehead, Garage and Proto Punk

3's (Threez)         Do You See)/ Transporter - Threez (US)  
Black Rose      Love Handles/ Man is Blind-Michigan Nickel (US)  
Blackstone            Goin' On The Prowl/ One More Time - Blackstone Production(US)  
Brood               The Roach/Virginia Neal -Lemon (US)
Cucumber              Don't Make Me Cry/ Under-Cobblestone (US)               
Dickens                 Sho' Need Love/ Don't Talk About My Music-Scepter (US) SOLD
Don Malena and The Dry Ice              Sexercise/ Land of Summertime- Mal Don (US)  
Jupiter's Children            Check Yourself (Superman's Got Blisters) Triple 000 (US) SOLD
Legends                High Towers/ Fever Games-Railroad House (US Pic sleeve) SOLD
Old Scratch        Devil Take You/Diamond Lady –Colly Records  (Canada) -
Shy Guys             Black Lightening Light/ Goodbye to You M-U (US)  SOLD
Summit                     The Darkness/Thank You Mister Jones -North Room (US)  SOLD
Sweet Tooth         Music's Gotta Stay/ Karen -Dominion (US)  
The Jax          The Jax are Back (Live)/ The Jax Are Back -Baddog (US)
Twitch          Things/ Pick Up is Illegal on 401- Demo (Can)   SOLD
Unsettled Society          17 Diamond Studded Cadillac/ Passion Seeds-Charm (US)  

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Stig –Crazy Clown –Obscure Danish Glam 1974

Stig –Crazy Clown/Living Was For You and Me –Sonet T-7268 (1974 DK)

Stig is one Stig Kreutzfeldt who first came to prominence in Denmark as part of the Stig & Steen duo, but here he is in 1974 fronting a melodic Glam infused ditty, that takes on airs of grandiosity within its simple but effective mid-tempo crunching beat. It’s commercial, yet not irritatingly so, helped in some way by the fine production with some of the habitual Glam tricks and features of the time. Later in life, Stig would end up heading CBS in Denmark

Hear a full version of Crazy Clown

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Cleo – I Don’t Mind/Take It Easy -Obscure US Powerpop 1973

Cleo –I Don’t Mind/Take It Easy –Garlin Records GSP 108 (US 1973)

Apart from a link to a Van Nuys newspaper article from 1973, there is zilch in terms of information on this one. Its total obscurity doesn’t increase its musical merit, but both sides are rare examples of early 70s Beat updates, however its Californian provenance soaks up the prevalent atmosphere of the time while showing similarities with the burgeoning Powerpop ethics of the likes of Blue Ash, or The Raspberries on a national level.

I don’t Mind is the more obvious 60s beat update number, similar to the Poppees, while Take It Easy has a beefier White album grounding with a more contemporary Californian feel in the chorus. Neither tracks re-write history in any way, but are further examples of succinct pop induced ditties of which there are bound to be further examples remaining to be uncovered out there

Hear a full version of I Don't Mind

Hear a full version of Take It Easy

Monday, December 11, 2017

Patrick Kerr –Hands Off –UK Freakbeat Mod Rocker (1966)

Patrick Kerr –Loos of England/Hands Off –CBS 202482 (1966 UK)

Better known as a dancer/choreographer (he tutored how to dance on Ready Steady Go!), Patrick also released an earlier single Magic Potion on Decca in 1965. Read Patrick Kerr obituary

He was also chosen to front the first version of the Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich novelty Loos of England, however it is on the B side where the real action resides.
Hands off is a tough and rousing Mod Rocker, built around a driving Eddie Cochran bass riff accentuated by some neat orchestrated horn stabs. The guitar solo is also cool, but would have been improved by Patrick showing a bit more restraint during the break

It seems that this release only got as far as the demo state and didn’t garner a full release

Hear a full version of Hands Off

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Please –We Aim To Please -Peter Dunton acetates UK Popsike 1968/69

Acetate 1: Please -We Aim To Please/ Man With No Name

Acetate 2: Please - We Aim To Please (rougher version) /Paper Anne

Peter Dunton is particularly close to my heart for his brilliant Dave Edmunds produced phased out single Taking Time which was released in 1973 Hear it  Here

Although he is perhaps best known as founder of T2, he was also in the Flies (wrote both sides of their Magic Train / Gently As You Feel single) . On top of that he was in Bulldog Breed and even spent some time with the Gurvitz brothers in Gun (Race With The Devil). As evidenced here, he was also in a band called Please which also featured members from The Flies and Bulldog Breed.
You can find more information here Here
Please never got to release anything in their lifetime, yet many tracks were recorded but  only released later on ACME. I don’t have access to the released output, but I assume that these acetates were used to compile their posthumous releases (Update it has been confirmed that these are different versions). However the acetates feature 2 very different of We Aim To Please. One version is much rougher than the other, but I love them both for different reasons, although lacking a final sprinkle of fairydust, both songs are long lost gems of UK Popsike and should have been released at the time. There are different B sides which I have included for your listening pleasure.

Hear both sides of Acetate 1

Hear both sides of Acetate 2

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Purepop Record Sale November 2017 - 1 week only



I have a set sale of 79 singles now open for one week only

You can either request the list by emailing me: purepop1ukATyahooDOTcoDOTuk,  by messaging me on Facebook or by leaving a comment.
The lists has several close up photos and sound clips (often directly from the record)

I will be updating the master list here as soon and often as possible

Here is the full  list

Part 1: Sixties Freakbeat, Garage, Beat and Psych

1. Duncan Browne –On The Bombsite/Alfred Bell –Immediate UK SOLD
2. Charles Ryders Corporation –White Flames/Happy Day –Decca (Swiss) SOLD
3. The Cherry Slush –I Cannot Stop You/Don’t Walk Away –Coronet Germany 
4. The Eyes –The Arrival of The Eyes EP Mercury UK SOLD
5. The Fingers –All Kinds of People/Circus with a Female Clown –Columbia Demo UK
6. The Flames –Streamliner/The Several –Follow The Sun –Fan Records  UK
7. Just William - I Don’t Care/ Cherrywood Green –Spark Test Pressing UK
8. Kasnat & Katz Fighter Squadron –When He Comes/ Ah-La- Hansa German sleeve SOLD
9. Koobas –Where Are the Friends/Royston Rose Columbia French issue 
10. The Marmalade –Man in a Shop/Cry (The Shoob Doroorie Song) CBS Demo UK SOLD
11. The Merseys –So Sad About Us/Love Will Continue –Fontana UK 
12. Orbit Five –I Wanna Go To Heaven/Walking Decca UK 
13. One Hit Wonders –Hey Hey Jump Now/Goodbye –CBS French issue sleeve SOLD
14. The Outcasts –Think/Feel It –Superior US SOLD
15. Rusty Harness –Ain’t Gonna Get Married/Goodbye- Discophon –Spanish picture sleeve  SOLD
16. Sorrows –Baby/ Teenage Letter –Piccadilly Demo UK SOLD
17. Sorrows –You’ve Got What I Want/No No No –Piccadilly UK SOLD
18. Them –Walking in The Queens Garden –Tower US Pic sleeve
19. Troggs –My Lady/Girl in Black Page One UK SOLD

Part 2: Acetates

20. Arrows/ Mike Chapman –Touch Too Much - Original demo Emidisc (Acetate 1974) SOLD

21. Bros –Red Headed Woman/Sweet Sweet Lovin’ Unreleased US acetate  SOLD
22. Flamin’ Groovies –Married Woman/ Little Queenie/ Get a Shot of Rhythm and Blues Emidisc acetate (1972)
23. Hot Rocks –All Night Long/ Down on 42nd Street –Emidisc - acetate  SOLD
24. Mississippi –Mr Union Railway Man –Acetate (Different version)   Fanfare (1970) SOLD
25. Barry Rolfe?  -Rock N’ Roll Radio/Johnny Bo Jangle ITS Acetate 

Part 3: Junkshop Glam, Proto Punk and Purepop oddities

26. Slow Dog –Walking Through The Blue Grass/Ain’t Never Going Home –Columbia Demo UK 
27. Milk ‘n’ Cookies –Little Lost and Innocent/Just Friends –Island French Pic sleeve SOLD
28. Tracey Dean –Moonshiner/Boy on The Ball –Decca Demo UK SOLD
29. Warwick –Let’s Get The Party Going/How Does It Feel –RAK Dutch issue art cover SOLD
30. Warwick –Let’s Get The Party Going/How Does It Feel –RAK UK SOLD
31. Jeff Britton & The Spitfires –Rub Out/ Breakwood Decca Demo UK SOLD
32. Pantherman –Pantherman/You Are My Friend –Metronome –German picture sleeve  SOLD
33. Dave Dean - Motorbike/Make This World Worth To Live In –Poker Dutch pic sleeve SOLD
34. Home – Green Eyed Fairy/Sister Rosalie –CBS UK SOLD
35. Balls –Fight For My Country/Janie Slow Down –Wizard UK SOLD
36. Trevor Burton –Fight For My Country- Mono/Stereo –Epic US Promo SOLD
37. Good-Time Joe –Slipstream/Ballad –Philips Dutch issue  SOLD
38. Brats –Keep On Doin What You’re Doing/If You Can Rock –Self released US Promo SOLD
39. Jo Jo Ellis –The Fly/Perdona Mia –Fury UK SOLD
40. The Equals –Diversion/Here Today, Gone Tomorrow –President UK SOLD
41. Shakane –Love Machine/Mr. Jackson Bellaphon German pic sleeve SOLD
42. Nicky Bulldog –Chewing Gum Rock/Dog Power Song –Grog Italian pic sleeve  SOLD
43. Mouse –We Can Make It/ It’s Happening to Me and You-Sovereign UK SOLD
44. Granny –Lady/Weirdie Deirdre’s Dilema DJM Demo–UK  SOLD
45. Reform –I’m Gonna Get You/Story of My Life –CBS Ireland SOLD
46. J.C. Livingstone –Hello Johnny/ Oh Oh Angelina Philips Dutch Pic sleeve SOLD
47. David Rochline –La Regle Du Jeu/Danseur Etoile –CBS French pic sleeve (1973) SOLD
48. Mo-I-Rana –So My Daddy Says/Alone –Polydor DK picture Cracking Danish Glam SOLD
49. Jets –Yeah!/Rusty Corinthian Pillar –Cube UK  SOLD
50. Sioux –Prosmoe EP - Prosmoe/Warlove/You're All I Need/Happiness In The Sky SRT 1973 SOLD
51. Smyle –Dream of Me/Have I ever Let You Down –Polydor Dutch pic sleeve SOLD
52. Jobriath –Street Corner Love/Rock of Ages –Asylum UK Pic Sleeve Demo SOLD
53. Sensation –Black Eyed Woman/Baby –Barclay –Dutch Pic sleeve SOLD
54. Neil Christian –She’s Got The Power/Someone’s Following Me Around –Ger Pic sleeve SOLD
55. Danta –Freeway/Mau Mau Epic UK 
56. Mucky Duck –Psycho’s on The Run/Jefferson Deram UK 
57. Streak –Gonna Have a Good Time/ Be Your Ruder A&M German pic sleeve  SOLD
58. Streak –Bang Bang Bullet/Black Jack Man –Deram German pic sleeve  SOLD
59. Denny Ward –When I Get Home/ Show Me –Needles and Pins US Pic sleeve

Part 4: Proto Metal/Punk, Hard Rock, Heavy Psych and Bonehead

60. Front Office –Girl/Wow –Mijji US 
61. Viscount –Groupie/To Grow Old –Music World US SOLD
62. House of Lilly ‎– Turn Around / Situations –Eurodisc French Picture sleeve SOLD
63. Blast –Hope/Damned Flame –Majestic belgium  (1973) SOLD
64. Gorgon Medusa – Situation/Sweet Child/–Apocalypse 
65. Castle Farm –Hot Rod Queen/Mascot –Farm UK pic sleeve SOLD
66. Primevil –Too Dead To Live/Fantasies –US
67. Masalla –Burnin’ Feeling/Simple Words –Climax US SOLD
68. River Styx - Bike Writer/Joey –Lu US SOLD
69. Cybernaut -Mean Lady test pressing Canada
70. Corporation –Wild Time/Let’s Try to Put Him Down –Negram Dutch pic sleeve SOLD
71. Dictators –Heartache/ Search and Destroy –Asylum German Pic sleeve
72. Warhorse –St. Louis/No Change –Vertigo Dutch pic sleeve SOLD
73. Perhaps Next Time –Back to My Lady/Sovereign –Selection –Belgium pic sleeve
74. Five By Five -15 Going on 20/Penthouse Pauper –Paula US
75. Finch –Out of Control/And She Sing –Picture Records Australia SOLD
76. Mammoth –Mammoth/Sensations –United World Records US SOLD
77. Spirit of St. Louis –Something Lazy/See Me Go –Negram –Dutch pic sleeve SOLD
78. Old Scratch –Devil Take You/Diamond Lady –Colly Records Canada
79. Crossfield –Take It/Could it Be Love –Toy SOLD

Monday, November 20, 2017

Dave Dean –Motorbike - Obscure NederGlam (1976)

Dave Dean –Motorbike/Make This World Worth to Live In –Poker S631 (1976 NL)

It’s been a while since I posted about an obscure Dutch Glam single, but here we have a bit of classic in terms of roaring Biker NederGlam that doesn’t hold back on the level and prominence of engine noises. 
Dave Dean was in fact a pseudonym for Dick Joustra who played in Zingara (who released the Glam Cruncher Girl, Girl, Girl. Here he comes under the tutelage of producer Jacques Zwart, who in turn was in the band Amsterdam. Dick (as Dave Dean) also put out another single in 1974 “The Man” that is much less interesting than this one. In the meantime saddle up and go with the roar…

Hear a full a full version of Motorbike

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Utrecht Record Fair November 2017 -Day 3

Today was a less frantic day and a general mopping up operation with no malice aforethought...

So nice finds...The Australian Eric Burdon and The Animals actually features Sky Pilot parts 1 +2 on the same side with a couple of other tracks on the B side...Very practical

The US Fruit Machine features the Willow Tree on the  B side. Panda is great. Finally got a perfect Zipps at a good price.

The last minute discovery was the Maia and Full Limit, lovely Byrdsian harmony pop from Denmark

Next weekend is the last big record fair weekend of the year for me with Olympia and Luton

Till next time...

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Utrecht Record Fair November 2017 - Day 2

2nd day, 2nd haul...

As with yesterday, we are not talking great numbers, but just great finds

Finding a bargain doesn't mean spending 2 euros on a record, but can also mean spending €200.

The Eyes EP is just perfect and  looks unplayed. It was not one of the lot found in quantity 10 years ago, but was bought over 30 years ago at the Jive Dive record shop.

A few more were knocked off my wants list including The Gnomes of Zurich and Bluejeans (great late Blue Jeans when they were no longer swinging)

The Austrian EX Slaves madness of Charles Ryder Corporation is another upgrade

  Speaking of Flames, Streamliner is a great catch from this South African band. The pic sleeve was so ghastly, that I chose a copy without! Sounds Like a Beach Boys update with great thudding  bass and which links nicely with the demo of  See The Light I found yesterday

Other nice ones include The Shindigs (Graham Gouldman), Caloogie and Lazy Day from Tinkerbells Fairydust and The Image Germany only single

 Anyhow, I will have a more leisurely stroll around the fair tomorrow,  before heading off to the airport. I don't expect anything special, but who knows...

Friday, November 10, 2017

Utrecht Record fair November 2017 - Day 1

So here we are again. It is now my 21st visit to Utrecht, something that is now firmly implanted in my life and as inevitable death and taxes...

Things have changed, the rich bounties of cheap Glam singles are nor longer part and parcel of the Utrecht experience, but it is also the case that I no longer have the patience to sift through piles and piles of cheap European picture sleeves.

So it's  not now about quantity, and unexpected discoveries but generally a tighter focus on pure gems with the odd unexpected oddity.

There are 2 obvious biggies here, and both those singles were bought in one swoop. That Koobas single only appeared in France and features what must be their best track (although Barricades is another obvious contender. The French Dantalian's picture sleeve is really fetching. Both records came from The French television archives and have O.R.T.F punctured into the labels

It was nice to complete my Idle Race collection with Impostors having proved to be a painful gap to fill up to now

The oddity is that fetching Pa Pa Du Run Da Run single (Sunshine Music/Healthy Lady) from 1972

Silver Lining was a very recent discovery and a lovely purepop concoction by Tony Rivers


After a long time searching, finally got a nice spare of the Dutch proto punk sleaze of the Good Time Joe single

Anyhow it's not all about records...Behind one of the stalls, this is where the action was at 1:45 today

First cut up the garlic, then add and heat the wine, add 1.4 kgs of cheese, then stir adding a gracious amount of absinthe as a final touch...and don't forget the important sartorial cheese elegance of an apron...

Tomorrow we start all over again. Today I took 21,837 steps at the fair walking over 10 miles just for 20 records!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Rare Powepop ebay 45 Sale -28 top gems!

 I have just listed 28 original  Powerpop singles including some top rarities, including an original copy of the Quick 7” –Pretty Please Me (In Tune With Our Times) 

The  first 3 Leopards singles

There is also the elusive UK stock copy of Badfinger’s Apple of My Eye

There are no reserves and low starting prices
You can find the listings here 

Here is the full list

1  Paul Collins Beat- Different Kind of Girl -US Powerpop -Dutch pic Sleeve 1979
2  Paul Collins Beat- Rock N Roll Girl-US Powerpop - Dutch picture Sleeve 1979
3  Paul Collins Beat- Don't Wait Up For Me-US Powerpop - German pic Sleeve 1979
4  Raspberries -Tonight - Great Spanish picture sleeve US Powerpop 1973
5  Raspberries -Go All The Way - Fantastic Japanese Pic sleeve - US Powerpop 1972
6  Abbey Road - Anything You Want -Unknown UK Powerpop (Liverpool Sound) 1974
7  The Breakers -When I'm on TV- Aussie Powerpop/Punk -Kim Fowley -1980
8  The Lonely Hearts - Last Kiss - Aussie Powerpop/ Punk- EMI Custom - 1981
9  Beathoven -Do You Remember The Time -Tasmanian Powerpop ( Innocents) 1976
1  Beathoven -Shy Girl -Tasmanian Powerpop ( Innocents) 1978
1  The Innocents -Come Tonight-Tasmanian Powerpop ( Beathoven) 1980
1  Artful Dodger -Can't Stop Pretending -US 70s Powerpop -Dutch picture Sleeve 1977
1  20/20 -Cheri - Top US Powerpop -Dutch picture Sleeve 1979 !
1  Nikki Richards -Back To School- Glam -Powerpop -Japanese picture sleeve
1  The Flashcubes -Wait Till Next Week/Radio -US Powerpop 1979
1  The Leopards -Don't Go Away -1st single on Moon - US Powerpop 1977
1  The Leopards -They All Play Loud -2nd single on Moon - US Powerpop 1978
1  The Leopards -I Wonder if I'll Ever See You -3rd single - US Powerpop 1978
1  The Shout -I Won't Be There- Rare US Powerpop 1982
2  The Groovies -Boys Ride Bikes and Girls Wanna Dance -Teen-Glam- Powerpop
2  City Rousers -Do It - Dutch-Teen-Glam- Powerpop -CNR
2  Marbles - Red Lights/ Fire and Smoke - Rare US Powerpop Ork 1977
2  Marc Thor -Holiday Fire/ Bostown Boize -Rare us Powerpop Pic SLEEVE! 1976
2  Harlow -Crazy Crazy Crazy UK New Wave Powerpop -Dutch only -1979
2  Masterswitch - Action Replay- UK Powerpop/ BOOTBOY Punk/KBD – 1978
2  RPM's - I Don't Wanna Be Young - Rare US Powerpop ORIGINAL issue 1980
2  The Quick -Pretty Please Me -In Tune. - ORIGINAL issue US Powerpop 1978
2  Badfinger -Apple of My Eye - UK STOCK copy (not demo!!!). Top condition

Monday, October 23, 2017

Goodbye George (George Young 1946 -2017)

I very rarely use the word genius, but the inventiveness of George and Harry during the golden days of 66-68 has VERY few equivalents. They crammed so many ideas into their 2:30 pop operettas yet it all seemed so natural without coming across as over intricate or too clever clever. This is the work of genius. Do You Have a Soul, Saturday Night, Happy is The Man, Made My Bed, Heaven and Hell...let alone Friday on My Mind.

The Shame just Drained  exemplified just how much brilliant stuff remained unreleased at the time. They would just record demo after demo of their brilliant ideas.

 They pushed the envelope but always within a pop format, without ever resorting to any pretentiousness...

 One of my biggest regrets in life was actually meeting George in the early 80s, but he refused to acknowledge he was George...It was pretty funny, but Harry was lovely and very courteous to this crazy Easybeats fan

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Who Cares – Good-N-Hard

Who Cares – Good-N-Hard/Cook It –Blackjack BJ 0002 (197? US)

This is the 2nd release on the Las Vegas based BlackJack label, the first, BJ 001 was a single by Big Mac And The Truckers…So I think I will just stick to this one for the time being. There is a direct link with the Big Mac single as Bob and Pat McKenzie are tagged onto the songwriting credits. It could be deduced that Who Cares were a trio comprised of Tony Cormari, Glen Black and Darryl Bottin…but we will have to wait until one of them finds this review through Googling their own names before getting the facts.
In the meantime the fact is that Good –N-Hard is good without being  hard, it does feature some nice riffing, but the effect is quite laidback, closer to a Powerpop feel rather than a thudding slice of Bonehead. The track floats along quite nicely for over 5 minutes, the bass carries the melody, and although very repetitive, it all kinda works. It’s what you call a grower, if you let it…

Hear a full version of Good-N-Hard

Monday, October 09, 2017

Strawdogs –I’m Ready -Obscure 70s Texas Hard Rock

Strawdogs –I’m Ready/ Heartless Woman –Friendship FS-I (197? US)

Strawdogs or Straw Dogs were a local San Antonio (TX) band who are on record as being the last band appearing at the Teen Canteen  in 1977. Not much else is obvious to find, but as is often the case, these posts sometimes help to uncover the facts...

Both sides are sturdy examples of 70s US Hard Rock, caught between the garage and the bar room with a guitarist who had a fine line in greasy chops and sinuous lead breaks.As with the label which works both ways, both tracks are good so you can come at it from any angle…pass the salsa please

Hear a full version of I’m Ready

Hear a full version of Heartless Woman

Monday, September 25, 2017

The Movement -Head For The Sun

Movement -Head For The Sun/ Mr. Man -Big T BIG 112 (1968 UK issue)

This is an example of the complicated journey that can be undertaken just to get a decent copy of a single...and it took me 4 years. I first got an EX copy on Musicstack but I was very disappointed it didn't have the original centre. 
So I then bought some cheap Big T singles in order to attempt a record centre transplant without success. I then found a cheap fair copy and made do until I found a near perfect copy last week. Anyhow what a cracking single and if someone wants my 2 previous copies you are welcome to message me...

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Purepop Set Sale -September 2017 -One Week only!



First come first served! 

This set sale will be live for 1 week only (from the 3rd of September 2017)

I am updating the listings as soon as I can on the blog, with the ones in red having already been sold 

You can either email me (, leave a comment (I will not publish the comment) or message me on Facebook if you want the full list with prices


Part 1: Acetates

1)      Harlots of 42nd street- Polyethena Purebred/Shake My Blues -2 sided acetate (1973) SOLD
2)      Grudge –When Christine Comes Around (Demo version) Emidisc  acetate  (1973) SOLD
3)      Mississippi –Mr Union Railway Man –Acetate (Different version)   Fanfare (1970)
4)      Castle Farm –Hot Rod Queen/ Jewels of Fire –Emidisc (1972) Demo version with unreleased B side SOLD
5)      Bros –Red Headed Woman/Sweet Sweet Lovin’ Unreleased US acetate
6)      Unknown –Stop Messin’ Around –Unreleased -Emidisc Acetate (UK 1972) SOLD
7)      Dyaks –Gutter Kids (earlier unreleased version)/ Blow My Dreams Away (unreleased)  (1977) SOLD
8)      Job Lot of 6 acetates. These Hard Stuff/Bullet and John DuCann acetates include different  SOLD

Part 2: Sixties Freakbeat, Garage, Beat and Psych

9)      Them –Walking in The Queens Garden –Tower US Pic sleeve
10)   Honeybus –Story -Deram France 1970 EX/EX SOLD
11)   Fut- Have You Heard The Word 1970 UK Beacon SOLD
12)   Just William - I Don’t Care/ Cherrywood Green –Spark Test Pressing 
13)   Sorrows –Baby/ Teenage Letter –Piccadilly Demo EX SOLD
14)   Sorrows –You’ve Got What I Want/No No No –Piccadilly

Part 3: Proto Punk, Hard Rock, Heavy Psych and Bonehead

15)   Hog -Cop Killer/ Driving Pusing -You SOLD
16)   Twitch- Messin' With The Bull/Mr. Spunk Astro Records (Canada 1975) SOLD
17)   Purgatory –Polar Expedition/Lost War –Purgatory  (1970 US) SOLD
18)   Central Pacific –Rockin’ Detroit/Silhouette Self Release (US 1975) SOLD
19)   Buffalo -EP Suzie Sunshine/Dead Forever/Barbershop Rock/Sunrise –Vertigo Autralia (1974) SOLD
20)   Leaf Hound –Drowned My Life in Fear/It’s Gonna Be Better –Telefunken Germany  (1971) SOLD
21)   Stepson –Rule in The Book/ Lil’ Bit –Probe Japanese Pic sleeve  (1974) SOLD
22)   Balletto di Bronzo –Neve Calda –RCA Italy Pic sleeve (1970) SOLD
23)   Buster Browns- Lovin’Train/ In The Morning –Golden Voice SOLD
24)   Darkseid - Ground Zero/ Land of The Darker Sun Brooks US SOLD
25)   Primevil –Too Dead To Live/Fantasies –US
26)   AppleTree -You're Not The Only Girl /(The ballad of Pencil) -Wacks Records US SOLD
27)   Big Brother –ESP All American US
28)   Clockwork-Cybernaut/Mean Lady test pressing Canada        
29)   Columbus - Standing on The Corner Mill Records US SOLD
30)   River Styx Bike WriterJoey –Lu US
31)   Sweet Cherry - Eight Day Blues  Stop US SOLD

Part 4: Junkshop Glam, Bubblegum,  Euro Proto Punk and oddities

32)   Trevor White –Crazy Kids –Island- French Picture sleeve SOLD
33)   Boston Boppers- Did You Get What You Wanted –Penny Farthing Italian pic sleeve SOLD
34)   Bearded Lady –Rock Star –Bellaphon –German pic sleeve SOLD
35)   Angel –Good Time Fanny –Cube-Italian Picture sleeve SOLD
36)   Tub-Thumper –Kick Out The Jams –Alaska -German pic sleeve SOLD
37)   Barron Knights –Turning My Back on You- Penny Farthing Spanish pic sleeve
38)   Spiders from Mars –White, Black Man/ National Poll –Pye Spanish pic sleeve. SOLD
39)   Milk ‘n’ Cookies –Little Lost and Innocent –Island French Pic sleeve SOLD
40)   Rats –Don’t Let Go/Dragon Child –MAM SOLD
41)   Listen- Astral Boogie Parlophone Demo
42)   Jeff Britton & The Spitfires –Rub Out Decca Demo EX SOLD
43)   Iron Virgin –Rebels Rule –Deram Demo SOLD
44)   Mouse –We Can Make It/ It’s Happening to Me and You-Sovereign
45)   Rescue Co. No. 1 –Roll a Bowl-a Woman DJM Demo
46)   Ice Cream –Shout It Out-Fontana SOLD
47)   Granny –Lady/Weirdie Deirdre’s Dilema DJM Demo
48)   Farm –Fat Judy –Spark Demo
49)   Apple Pie and Custard –Doctor Fantastic Philips SOLD
50)   Arnold Corns –Man in The Middle/Moonage Daydream/Hang on To Yourself B&C SOLD
51) Casuals –The Witch/Good Times –Dawn SOLD
52)   Mick Flinn Band –Doin’ It Right/Do What You Wanna Do –EMI Demo  SOLD 

Part 5: Compilation LPs (all unplayed)

53)   Bonehead Crushers (Crunchers) Volume 2 (numbered 7/300)
54)   Bonehead Crunchers Volume 4 –Streetlight Fight
55)   Ultimate Bonehead Volume 1
56)   Ultimate Bonehead Volume 2
57)   Ultimate Bonehead Volume 3
58)   Ultimate Bonehead Volume 4
59)   Ultimate Bonehead Volume 5
60)   Greased Buckskin Belters
61)   Bonehead Freaks